Kitchens – Salvador Construction

Whether you are looking for a complete transformation or just a touch up, Salvador Construction has the skilled staff to make sure your final product has the color and style needed to leave you happy and with a feeling of consistency throughout your home.  From the designing stage, through to the full completion of your functional new kitchen, we are here for you.

We specialize in all your kitchen renovation needs, including:

  • Structural Changes – Our knowledgeable staff can remove walls to open the kitchen up to other rooms or simply provide additions like a breakfast bar.
  • Cabinets – Thanks to our skilled staff we can create custom cabinets that meet your unique kitchen design. If you have a specific budget to maintain, we can work with pre-built cabinets to seamlessly mesh with your current kitchen design.
  • Countertops – From economical laminate to beautiful long-lasting granite and quarts countertops, our experts are here for you.
  • Backsplashes – Our brilliant and professional design team will work with you to find the backsplash that ties your countertops to your cabinets providing the beautiful accent you and your kitchen deserve.